Urban Knitting at L’ Aquila for the third anniversary of the earthquake

Animammersa is a cultural group started by a number of artists in L’ Aquila in order to communicate what’s going on in the city (you might not be aware of this, but there is a huge difference between the perception of people outside the city, informed by national media, and what is really going on. See also the recent visit of Prime Minister Monti, only after he saw with his very eyes what’s going, some regular media started talking about this).

Animammersa produced  theatre shows and a video, and now they came up with a brilliant idea. Mettiamoci una pezza is an urban knitting session for the third anniversary of the earthquake, as only in these circumstances there is a bit of attention to the historical centre were no reconstruction has taken place yet.

So they send out a call for “pezze”, knitted of crocheted squares they want to use to cheer a bit the centre. Without people, is their starting assumption, the whole city is grey. Let’s bring some colour back to it.

People inside and outside Abruzzo reacted enthusiastically. What you see above is a square made by my friend Bianca Mollicone, a passionate woman who onws the beatiful Locanda al Ponte in Balsorano. She is very dedicated to all things about Abruzzo and managed to bring to l’ Aquila the famous journalist Paolo Rumiz, who is know in Italy for travel-reportages on abandoned and forlorn places.

Other squares were collectively made by the ladies amployed at the State Archive. When a colleague asked them for rests of wool and other skeins, and they asked why and heard the story, the got so enthusiastic that they started to knit and made a beautiful patchwork.

I believe this is the whole point of the action. Involve people., give them a sense of doing something for theh city they love. The exact contrary is the mistake made after the earthquake: bringing people away, take all power of doing from their hands (a history of the laws made to stop you from doing anything to help reads like Kafka).

If you can and want to join the urban knitting at L’ Aquila, go there on the 6th of April, my guess is there will be someone in piazza Duomo able to give you further indications. And if you want to make beforehand some squares, the standard sizes are: 50×50 cm. or 20×20.

Credits: I took all pictures from the official website of Mettiamoci una pezza, exceot the red one Bianca made, I got it through her. The Virtual knitting art is made by Donatella Giagnacovo, an artist from L’ Aquila, please check her website for more about her work.


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