Lake Sinizzo


When I was a student in L’Aquila we would go swim at the Lake of Sinizzo in June and July, just to recover between exams.

My neighbour had an old Renault and one afternoon the boys rang at the door asking if I wanted to join for a swim in 10 minutes. Sure, 10 minutes for a gal in between exams who did not yet had the time or the excuse to get out of het winter fur? God bless epilators, it took 15 minutes but I was ready.

So I discovered this small, lovely lake just outside San Demetrio dei Vestini, and all the fancy facilities it offered back then was a cement wall with a pool ladder on one side, and a huge tree with branches leaning above the water, where a rope and a couple of planks were enough for thekids to jump with high cries in the water, scaring the poor, innocuous, resident water snakes.

“Catch him, catch him” they started screaming, but the poor creature managed to escape.


So recently I went there with my niece Paula who just started University in L’Aquila at my old faculty in a new, fancy building with all facilities and a wifi connection (which in our old palazzo Camponeschi might have not been possible due to the huge, stone walls, but alas, Palazzo Camponeschi has been destroyed in the earthquake of 2009). Because if you are a student in L’Aquila you must know how to get there in summer.


And talking about earthquakes, back then it was almost feared the lake would disappear, as the seismic activities caused large cracks in the ground and at the bottom of the lake, which is actually more of a sink-hole.

Luckily this did not happened and the two sources feeding the lake are still there doing their job.

IMG_2117 IMG_2118

And the great and crisp fall air and light added to the charme of this beautiful place, that since my student times has been furnished with pic-nic tables and a great playground for the kids.



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