The “Rural Living Room” project

da rocca Calascio

I totally agree with the view that the major shortcoming of all reconstruction projects  after the Earthquake of L’Aquila is that they are too directed to physical aspects rather than to the social, environmental and sustainable redevelopment of the area. It is people we are talking about, not just buildings.

I welcome therefore the announcement of this project:

“Social fragmentation and inequalities between the city and the countryside, now amplified by the negative effects of the earthquake, impose to find new shared places where building a community vision that would link the physical reconstruction to long-term strategies for a sustainable socio-economic re-development of the territory.

Our action is inspired by beauty, slowness, environmental and social sustainability.”

Community vision has always been the main feature of centuries of pasture and “open fields” management in this area. Due to the sparse resources, the only way to survive (and thrive) has been a common effort with all human development and family life revolving around it.

Picture: Church seen from Rocca Calascio, credits Tonio Di Carlo

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