San Benedetto in Perillis and the mistery of the wooden locks

In our Excursion to L’ Aquila along Highway 17 (btw. We are thinking of repeating it on August 4th and 5th 2012, and again in September, the 17th) we will go for an extensive visit to San Benedetto in Perillis.

Unique to this one small village between Popoli and Navelli, along the Svolte di Popoli, are the wooden locks and keys. The only other place in the world where they use similar locks are in subSaharian Africa, for example in Sudan. How did the locks get here? What it is their taboo? Why people feel unconfortable when opening them? How does the system work? Did you know they were the prototype for the principle of modern keys, patented by Yale?

Just to give you a look and something to consider while watching the beautiful pics in this video. See you at one of the excursions. For information please write at:


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